Ellena Isabelle Ruiz-Lindsey

Violence of Intimacy



My large-scale oil paintings focus on the correlation between intimacy and violence felt by queer people of color. Reflecting on the multidimensional strife experienced by these minorities, I imagine and interpret inner, psycho-emotional landscapes through intuitive marks and forms in an organic process of abstraction. I paint the body as dangerous while being endangered. I am interested in connecting larger structural violence to incidents of personal violence. My work falls under the category of indigenous art for settlers, the violence I depict is not for those who have experienced it, but for those who haven’t. I would like to think of my series, Violence of Intimacy as a prelude to more revolutionary work to come.

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Congratulations on the powerful work! It is great to see the conversation between your Honors research and the expression of content of your work. It was a pleasure to work with you and see you grow as an artist!

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