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From The Earth Through The Fire



Although it took me many years to fully embrace my family’s heritage of art making, I was lucky enough to be exposed to the arts at a young age which is something that resonated with me throughout my life. Being the son of a ceramic artist has always made me feel a kinship with the material of clay. As a child my Father’s studio was a place of endless imagination, I remember playing around with dirt while watching him fire kilns with the red flames pouring out the chimney.  He would also take me every year on campouts to fire pottery on the beach, these mesmerizing moments of the pots being pulled from kiln glowing red in the night with the sound of the waves rustling behind me, truly left me with a sense of the sublime.  These moments really gave me a love and understanding of ceramics at an early age which would end up leading me to my true passion in life “Pottery”. A collective that has offered humanity endless possibilities for thousands of years and is a family that I am very proud to be a part of.

My body of work From The Earth Through The Fire, primarily focuses on the sensation of touch and how one can create interesting forms and textures with just the use of their hands. Similar to how the mountains, valleys, and riverbeds are naturally formed through the passage of time. I try to incorporate this process it into my making by creating organic forms that are inspired by Mother Nature and touch on the four natural elements earth, water, wind, and fire which give these pieces a sense of permanence.

Hand Built Stoneware/Cone 10 Reduction

Materials: Recycled Clay, Fired Cone Packs, Rust, Low Fire Slip

Sizes Range From 11”x 13”x 2” to 41”x 24”x 10.5”

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