Ian Kiyoshi Shishido

Breaking Glass Ceilings



Growing up on the island of Oahu, I often get the notion that I’ve been in an extraordinarily beautiful, yet contained environment. Glass is my vessel to venture beyond the blue horizon and gain new perspectives.

As a glass artist, my process involves the parallels of glass and emotion. Glass and mindfulness work in concert with each other and the ability to move intuitively with glass allows it to fall into different forms. Glass becomes the shape of what it holds similar to any liquid. Through its viscosity, glass helps me to live in the present moment and to take shape of my surroundings. The more I discover glass, the greater understanding I have of myself.

My installation, Glass Ceilings, is a reference to the rise of Asian hate crimes and injustices towards all identifications. Including the limitations that people of color encounter and the willingness to rise up in the name of equality. My use of glass in the installation is to address the often overlooked beauty of diversity, while the steel structures only strengthen that belief. Finally, the sheer size of the sculpture refers to the moment of transcending invisible barriers and the growing effort to do so. Some may call me a dreamer, but I imagined this sculpture with the hopes of one day seeing global unification.

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