Jada Harris




I use my art practice to reinterpret the world by zooming in ordinary moments and then relating them to our larger collective experience. I do this by creating portraits of everyday life in ink, graphite, and watercolor mediums. My individual drawings then become pieces of a puzzle locking into place, a representation of how we are each influenced by the world at large. Often in my work I employ pointillism and other techniques that break up our vision, forcing the viewer to look at the piece from either a very close or very distant perspective. I am inspired by the intricate details of how our vision interprets the natural world and am influenced by other artists who also make labor intensive work. I think artwork is often a testament to time and I seek to document experiences through my practice.

By focusing on everyday objects, spaces, and people, moments that are mundane or overlooked, I can make a connection to the history that has led to the creation of that moment and comment on its intrinsic value. I seek to evoke empathy through drawing and reframe how we relate ourselves to these aspects. In a very complex world, I am drawn to limited and monochromatic color palettes in order to make my work a quiet and thoughtful space.


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You are so insightful. Keep exploring and seeking to uncover the history behind every moment. Inspire others to think beyond the surface, that is a profound art in of itself. I am a #fan, send my fan club t-shirt anytime!

Jada I’m so happy for you, this piece is stunning and your statement is powerful. Proud to have had the opportunity to work with you!

Great work Jada… done with finesse and impeccable craft and obvious patience. In this increasingly “digital” world work like this becomes even more unique and valuable… and I’m guessing… respected!
Your statements attest to your are intuitiveness and sensitivity. You will do well!

It was so great to work with you! Your piece came together with incredible power and sensitivity!

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