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The spaces we inhabit have a profound affect on us, yet this influence often goes overlooked and undervalued. Commonly, it is only after something is gone that its true importance is realized. As a result of the current pandemic, our relationships with our environments, both physically and socially, have been radically altered. For many artists, this change has manifested as a disruption of or separation from the studio space, which has caused not only a practical sense of loss, but also a more spiritual one. Personally, the environment created by the communal studio space has been integral to my development as an artist over these past four years of study.

In my practice I tend to focus on the things which others might not take the time to notice or appreciate, and I usually find myself being drawn in by small details. This has led to a desire to capture the subtlety and intricacy of my subjects, producing meticulous and sympathetic representations. In this particular work, I seek to pay homage to the importance of the studio space while also confronting my own feelings of loss, contrasting the careful rendering of the subjects with the emptiness of the void that surrounds them.

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Jocelyn this series is stunning. As Jasrin said, haunting and evocative. I’m honored to have worked with you over the years, congrats!

I really enjoyed hearing your voice describing your viewpoint and seeing your work, amazing!

Jocelyn this is so good! I think your brilliant! It gave me a sense of loneliness and longing to see the emptiness in these pieces even if they were in a way, shared spaces. Beautiful work!
All the best to you.

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