Lillian McIntyre

Thursday Night Wizard Slam



I create oil paintings illustrating the narratives I create with the people around me. This series of works delves into the characters that my friends and I created during the coronavirus pandemic that has dizzied the lives of many over the course of 2020 and 2021. We meet every Sunday for our weekly role-playing sessions, putting together narratives and pretending to be somewhere else. In the early months, we sat around a table. Later, we settled on calling each other.

“I’ll take my fantasy problems over these any day” – and like that, you’re living for the continuation of a tale.

I worked in diptychs for this series to emphasize the collaborative nature of this kind of storytelling. The panels themselves work together to create one full piece. I applied gold leaf in concert with this format, heightening the sense of myth to sanctify these characters, and the unseen presence of my friends.

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It has been so fun to watch these pieces come together. I enjoyed reading about the rationale of the composition— and hearing a bit more from you about the process! The narrative within narrative, within a larger context is a thoughtful way to consider the storytelling that keeps evolving as we interact at and away from the table. Additionally, you have captured the Snoggy Essence perfectly. I adore the contrast between these powerful, divine beings and the silly lizard.

Lillian, you were such a positive element in my classes I’m hardly even thinking about your work but if I must, let me say it has a quiet yet strong and knowing power that reflects you well. Best of luck and keep in touch!

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