Malia Holubeck

Personal Training



Personal Training is a series of wearable, device-like sculptures crafted using jewelry-making techniques. Each piece acts on the body in a different way, restricting or altering it in order to enact behavioral and psychological modification. They are manifestations of the insecurities that drive us to impose destructive mechanics onto ourselves. By transferring the intangible to the physical, I change the relationship we have with our perceived negative traits and expose the toxic masochism that accompanies certain mental illnesses, namely depression.   

Contact – my eyelids are pried open as the chains that dangle in the periphery of my vision force me to maintain eye contact 

Suck It In – twin bars press the flesh of my cheeks between my teeth, making it impossible to chew 

Chin Up – an adjustable rod drives a wedge between my chin and sternum and holds my head in an upright position 

Worn together, Contact, Suck It In, and Chin Up become Self Control

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Congratulations Malia, your technical ability is an excellent match with this new material approach!

I admired this direction in your work since it began and you certainly finished it off with finesse. As an “ex” metalsmith, I also appreciate the careful and skilled crafting of the pieces. I hope you continue along these lines.

I think your pieces work as a statement on race. Personal adornments to make your eyes larger, your nose narrower, higher, more defined and refined. A hegemonic cultural desire to be whiter, since you are only half-way there. Boy, did I underestimate your power as an artist because you are just a young tiny girl. I will never judge a book by its cover because there are always exceptions. Kudos, never had a doubt!

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