Meghan McClenny

Elegant America



Beauty, aesthetics, and the evocation of desire are the primary attributes in iconic fashion photography. Through her photographic and editorial projects, Honolulu based photographer Meghan McClenny works to turn the industry’s representational standards against themselves. At once fashion and anti-fashion, her work is infiltrated with forms and tactics drawn from contemporary art.

In her most recent project, Elegant America, she combines elements of raw garment design, luxury, and fine art in an attempt to disrupt fashion. The line of 7 deconstructed and reconstructed costumes are carefully pieced together from an archive of found, donated, and altered textiles. Improvisation, as well as little knowledge on design, are matters of utmost importance that can be seen in each handmade piece. While simultaneously abiding by fashion’s rules, Elegant America critiques the fashion industry’s politics of production and couture.

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“Elegant” is an apt descriptor for this series Meghan. Wonderful. I regret I couldn’t spend more time discussing it with you. Hope you and Nate enjoy the big apple!

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