Nygell Katsuhisa Halvorson

Choice is All We Have



Choice is dependent on the alternative. Every day we make a choice. Only an individual can truly understand if the choice is the right one. For as long as I can remember I have been labeled an indecisive person. To work in glass was the first decision that was so damn easy to make without any doubts. This action shaped who I want to be and continues to strengthen the foundation of my identity as a glass artist.

I am constantly enticed by the fluidity and luminescence of glass. I find that the more I mold glass into a desired shape the more it challenges me head on to seek a shape of its own. In this way, glass continues to humble me as it burns its desire into my work to reveal more of my true self.

Choice is All We Have, is a series that focuses on the choices one makes. Some decisions are minor but the ones that have an impact in our lives stick with us and uphold our true self. I have embodied the inner self through hot sculpted heads that have characteristics unique to themselves. Through the transparency of the glass heads, one can see the choices that hold this inner self up. There are some that one may regret and not make it to the self but are still relevant and others that are still building within themselves reaching to adhere to the self.  Each choice is reflected in the colors that surround them.

 Take a moment to gaze into the eyes and ruminate the choices that you have made in your own life.

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I am so proud of you Nygell! Seeing you grow throughout your UH experience is a blessing! I can’t wait where glass takes you

Wow! This made me really ponder on my life choices. Makes me think. Very good job!

I love this work on choice. I find that not only the suspended heads, but the colors you used in each piece influence how I interpret your artwork and how I reflect on choice. Congratulations!

Amazing Nygell! The pieces are beautiful and unique, it’s been so awesome watching you grow with glass and I’m excited to see what the future has in store! Congrats!

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