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This series is meant to be a critique of the rampant science denial in American Christianity and new age spiritualities. The ever polarizing war between religion and science is, in my opinion, one of the biggest threats to the future of the planet. For the purposes of this series, I wish to define God— not as a jealous warlord—but as a scientist, one who created the immensely complex biological sphere we as humans inhabit.  For any believer, I mean this not as an attack but as something to contemplate. Can we not consider god ‘parting the waters’ and the collapse of  interstellar gas that eventually formed our solar system in equal respects? Can we not see the Creation of Eve mirrored in the biological process of mitosis? Is it the duty of the prophet to inform you that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell or is it the duty of the scientist? These are all questions that informed this body of work. The goal of this series is to explore esoteric biblical concepts, Biblical academia and secular scientific theory through renaissance- inspired imagery.


  1. Genesis 1:3, 48″ x 24″ 
  2. Genesis 1:18,  24” x 30”
  3. Genesis 1:28, 60″ x 48″  

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Genesis 1:28, 60″ x 48″
Genesis 1:18,  24” x 30”
Genesis 1:3, 48″ x 24″
Genesis 1:28 detail, 48″ x 24″
Genesis 1:3 detail, 48″ x 24″
Genesis 1:3 detail, 48″ x 24″
Genesis 1:3 detail, 48″ x 24″


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These are fascinating paintings full of interesting quotes and echoes…seems like Botticelli, Strazza (Veiled Virgin?), Van Eyck, Indian yakshi even…though far-fetched, maybe a bit of Rg Vedic cosmogony in 1:18? I like the (re)envisioning of Adam and Eve…has a bit of a Malakas and Maganda vibe (not sure what the motif above their beautiful moon-like halos with microorganism “craters”…is it a fish, a bird, or?). Plenty of sacred mushrooms; soma fueled mystical visions of macro/microcosmic commensurability….tat tvam asi! I find myself particularly drawn to some of the frames/borders. Beautiful textures and some nice trompe l’oeil effects. I think you “lied” a little in your video statement: painting is your “religion” and you are very “spiritual”. These acts of devotion prove it and you should be proud of them. Congratulations on the completion of your BFA!

I am not surprised at the genius of your work Sage. All I can say is congratulations and may “God Bless” all your endeavors in painting for the non-believers, naysayers, and scoffers of the world to reflect upon!


I have so much respect for these works of yours. Accurately portraying the dystopia we basically live in now. Congratulations on finishing your BFA!!!

So proud of you, that you are doing what you love, and love what you do! Enjoyed looking and pondering the images, contemplating the use of color, wondering why you used one color over the other? When I zoom in, I find more stories that make me wonder? I am a sucker for a good story. Mysteries of life and the origin stories. Why do people believe in things that don’t benefit them and disbelieve in things that do? Is that rational? Love what your art does to my mind! Great job kid! The new models are better than the old.

It has been a complete delight to work with you! Your talent and sense of humor always lit up the room whether it was a physical space or ultimately the virtual space. Congratulations on the strong body of work.

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