Sophia Storch


Mending wounds of tired, lonely souls
Stitched by melted crayons and red splatter on white walls
Difficult wounds
Solidified by high pressure and temperature
Impossible to heal stones of despondency
Yet thin gauge wire and fire seem to cure
Purposeful bleeding
From shallow reefs and rocks
Stung from salt water
Un-intentional wounds
Sewn together by hand
Fingertips and flames turned green
Oxidized wounds
Reduced to metallic reflections of complicated fulfilment

My work is inspired by my love for ceramics, glass, and metalworking. I combined my favorite processes and techniques learned from these mediums. In ceramics I enjoy the intimacy and control I have over the clay while throwing. I control the entire journey and shape of the vessel with just my fingertips. However, if my hands are unsteady, even for a second, it can altar the shape of the piece and throw off the centring.

The carving brings me a sense of chaos and freedom with my expression. Whichever emotion I am feeling on the day determines which tool I use, and how aggressive or precise I am with my carvings.

Metalworking provides me with the strength and ability to work with stubborn materials. I incorporated the copper wire to add dimension and unique interactions with the glaze.

In glass blowing it is exciting and intimidating to work with extreme heat and fire. It also involves working with a partner and learning how to communicate and trust them. The process of Raku firing brings these aspects into my process.

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Love the quick texture of the organic forms creating a rawness and immediacy to the pieces. The idea of using one material, specifically metal, to heal or fix, reminds me of the English sliver gilt mounts of Chinese pottery of the sixteenth century. While the glazing looks to be used to bring a harmony to the work referencing the lush green landscape and blue sea from were it was created.

Great Job !!
Congrats on your BFA
Keep up the good Work!

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