Kaylee Clark




The landscapes of our every day serve as grounds to adjust and transform continuously. The relationship I have with nature has become about observance, patience, creativity, and sustainability. These values have transcended themselves into my art practice by applying alternative processes and physical manipulations of analog film and photographic prints. These experiments led me to find a balance of control and abstraction, brought out through the process.

Divergence is exploring the landscape of my mind and body through its connection with nature. The images are made with an organic developer and direct sun contact. The visceral marks are paralleling nature‚Äôs properties of growth and erosion. Through the abstraction of landscape, I reflected on my disconnect between mind and body, caused by anxiety, to create an external diagram of the internal landscape. By removing the use of a camera, I became immersed in the roots of my body’s manipulative tendencies.

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Your work and work ethic is very strong Kaylee. It was a pleasure getting to know you a bit during seminar.
As I said…these works make wonderful musical “scores” and I intend interpresting some of them soon.

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